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Disability Help and Care

Disabled Caregiving

Here in Worcester, Middlesex, Norfolk County's MA

we offer our adult with disabilities 24 hour care programs

Getting out & about with Disability help

ALS can create a huge challenge when it comes to day-to-day activities. But living with ALS doesn’t have to mean giving up your dignity and independence. If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with ALS, compassionate in-home caregivers can help manage a wide range of household chores, personal care routines, and errands.

In Home Care for Multiple Sclerosis

The progression and severity of MS varies from person to person, but many people with MS need some level of support for personal care functions. Sometimes the responsibility of care falls to loved ones or family members, and can place significant strain on important relationships.

Professional caregivers can help those with advanced MS live a rich and rewarding life while remaining in their own home.

Disabled people care at home

Living at home can still be an option when you have or support someone with a mental or developmental disability. In-home disability care is a common support system for individuals living with acute or chronic conditions.

Professional caregivers blend in with your family while providing companionship, personal care, and housekeeping support to adults with disabilities. A caregiver for your disabled loved one can enable a broader range of activities, mobility, and independence for disabled adults and disabled American veterans.

A caregiver can help adults with such disabilities as multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, stroke victims, ataxia, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, traumatic brain injury, and other neurological, physical, and cognitive conditions.

Disability Overnight 24/7 care

Our in-home disabled people care services are available every day of the week, and every hour in the day, even overnight. That includes 24-hour care if needed throughout the Worcester County Massachusetts Area.

In Home Care For Individuals Living With ALS, MS And Parkinson’s

Options Home Healthcare specializes in finding professional, compassionate caregivers to help families and individuals with neuromuscular conditions such as ALS, MS and Parkinson’s. Home care, respite care, and other solutions like live-in care, 24-hour care, or overnight care can help relieve the pressure on family members to be both family and caretakers to their loved ones with neuromuscular conditions.

Disabled At Home Care

in Worcester If you are wanting to get out and about for any reason, our caregivers can provide transportation to and from a destination. We can take a trip to a park, catch a movie, enjoy a concert, or even just go on a nice, casual cruise around town.

Disabled Respite Care

Caring for a senior family member is very rewarding, but it can also be mentally and emotionally draining. Taking time away to “recharge” periodically is one of the best things family members can do for their relationship with a senior. Our caregivers can provide intermittent or ongoing respite care, for an afternoon, evening, or for overnight stays.

Changing Your Disability Support

Our caregivers enjoy friendly conversation and companionship when providing care for a fellow senior, as much as, the senior receiving care does. Regular interactions with a kind, friendly caregiver can help lift a senior's spirits and keep them mentally active and engaged.


Personal care for people with disabilities

Our disabled Adult care providers are trained in personal care and daily living assistance, meaning that they provide help with eating and drinking, bathing and showering, toileting, dressing, and mobility assistance. Our caregivers take pride in delivering care in a manner that they themselves would desire from a care provider.

Medical Assistance for people with disabilities

Adhering to any medication regimen prescribed by their doctor is extremely important for seniors. While our caregivers do not administer medication, they can provide reminders, read labels, and assist in opening packaging for seniors.

Emergency Care for disabled people

Falls can be very serious for seniors. Our caregivers look for potential tripping hazards and other injury risks when they visit a disabled persons home, and can make corrections or recommend that a service provider is contacted.

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